Arthur Jay Harris


Like a private detective (which he isn’t), in his stories, South Florida true crime author Arthur Jay Harris pursues not the question “Why?” but rather, “Are you sure?”


Crime detection and crime stories are all about constructing narratives, but there are almost always loose ends that just don’t fit. Once the flaws in a narrative are discovered, the challenge for the narrative-constructor and the critic is whether to ignore them because they may mean nothing or follow them to what might just be a conclusion that is a totally unexpected reversal.


Given his nature, Harris is a pursuer into rabbit holes. His stories are about both the crimes themselves and his ability to stay the course atop the roller coaster ride of surprises in an unflinching Sherlockian effort to reach the elusive truth. There are times he’s upended in mid-flight, which is always a shock, but when he picks up the right trail, it soon becomes obvious and the results can be astounding.


In addition to The Unsolved "Murder" of Adam Walsh, Harris’s other books, Speed Kills, Flowers for Mrs. Luskin, and Until Proven Innocent, also follow investigative paths not yet taken. As well as appearing in print, Harris has made guest television appearances on ABC Primetime; Anderson Cooper 360; Nancy Grace; Ashleigh Banfield; The Lineup; Inside Edition; Catherine Crier; Snapped; City Confidential; Cold Blood; Prison Diaries, and Crimes en Haute Societe.