The Unsolved "Murder" of Adam Walsh

Special Single Edition


A condensed version of the two-book series
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The Unsolved Murder of Adam Walsh

This Special Single Edition of THE UNSOLVED "MURDER" OF ADAM WALSH is a condensed version of the two-book series:


BOOK ONE: Finding the Killer. Did Jeffrey Dahmer kidnap Adam Walsh? The cover-up behind the crime that launched "America's Most Wanted"


BOOK TWO: Finding the Victim. The body identified as Adam Walsh is not him. Is Adam still alive? The cover-up behind the crime that launched "America's Most Wanted"


What if almost everything most everyone thinks

about the Adam Walsh case is wrong?

Here is the case's conventional knowledge:

In Summer 1981, drifter Ottis Toole stole Adam from a mall in Florida and killed him, say police and Adam's parents, John and Reve Walsh. Although Jeffrey Dahmer became a suspect and was then living nearby, he couldn't have done it because his M.O. wasn't children as young as Adam, 6.

But ten years of book research shows that most of this case's long-accepted basic facts are dead wrong:


  • Seven independent witnesses, their names found in police investigative files, identified Dahmer as who they saw at the mall either with or close by to Adam.

  • There is a problem, never before reported, with the identification of the child who was found and said to be Adam.


After more than 30 years, this case has never come to trial -- and it never will because the case files are inexplicably missing their most essential forensic documents:

A medical examiner identified the found child as Adam strictly by its teeth, but Adam's dental records, which he used for matching and was handled by three official agencies, is gone; there was never any forensic dental report; and worst, there was never even an autopsy report. That, especially, should never happen. As a result, prosecutors will never be able to establish in court that the child who was found is, in fact, Adam Walsh.


  • And most shockingly, it is extremely unlikely that the found child is Adam.


When the positive ID of the found child as Adam was made, it was done quickly and announced hastily. But photographs and documents recently released in public records show that the found child has a top front tooth grown in almost all the way. That is much too far to match Adam. In his famous "Missing" picture, taken only a month before he vanished, Adam had neither top front tooth. His best friend last saw him a week or two before he disappeared, and he still didn't have them. After that, one front tooth did erupt. When the found child was discovered, Adam had been gone two weeks but the medical examiner said that he (Adam, he said) had been dead probably for all that time. Teeth don't keep growing after death.


In the space of up to two weeks, the time after his friend last saw him and when he disappeared, top front teeth just don't grow that fast, from eruption to in almost all the way.


If that's not Adam, who is it? And could Adam, incredibly, be alive?

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